Self-service paying machine is applicable to industries such as power department, hospital, telecommunication, and gas companies. It has the function for the user to pay fees by himself, inquiry, query of payment record, query of detailed list, and account checking and so on, remaining available for 24-hour unmanned service. It expands the business handling channels and business premises while maximizing the personalized services. It has the following characteristics:

    Clerks minimized at the window, window function optimized and service quality upgraded;
    24-hour self-service service, providing convenience to the client at any time period;
    Hoisting the client's experience, bringing up customer satisfaction;
    No special clerk is needed to care for the business, lowering the operation cost on the whole;

    Simply-formed, the equipment is designed as a vertical cabinet that integrates computer, touch screen display, card reader, password-protected keyboard, barcode scanning gun, banknote receiver, receipt printer, and camera together. It's also designed to have twin display screens;
    Stainless steel in good look, painted with metallic lacquer, modeled concisely;
    Easy operation due to information input from touch screen, clear at a glance; friendly interface, vivid and visualized, simple and clear information prompt at the time of operation;
    Easy and practical to use as customer information is input from the card reader directly, the customer can use it easily and swiftly;
    The applied safety cabinet passed explosive-proof certification by the Ministry of Public Security; camera shooting available to ensure safe application; operation steps documented in journal file of the system and important data saved in the database;
    Steady and high-performance motherboard for industrial control, fine heat radiation system that provides a stable, effective environment for operation;
    Open structure for hardware maintenance, modular design to make it easy for maintenance and service; simple operation and maintenance, easy to change paper and handle the printer when it's out of order; no need to move the printer;
    Back-stage management unified to perform real-time monitoring and remote control over the running condition of the equipment, making it easy for the system managers to perform system operation and control.

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