We respect knowledge and individuality, but all the more we promote collective strength and synergy.

    Deyang Collective River Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been persistent in scientific management, running first-rate enterprise, putting emphasis on quality and making first-class products; winning confidence from sincerity and offering first-rate services; continual improvement and ensure an efficient system. In strict accordance with ISO 9000 quality management system, we conduct operations of the company and perform monitoring over the process throughout from market investigation, project appraisal, contract review, raw material procurement, manufacturing, and delivery and post-sales services, thus ensuring that our products and services satisfy the customers' demands.
    In 1999 we were certified in ISO9000 quality management system. With emphasis on talent cultivation, we try to offer a good horizon for the staff to develop their skills and grow with the company. We welcome persons of noble aspirations to join us in our endeavor in order to make a hopeful future together.

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